The TRUTH About Essential Oil Safety

ebook | By Lea Harris


If you have wanted to print out any of my blog posts…
If you have wanted to share my blog posts with your friends…
If you have wished you could read all of my blog posts all in one spot…
If you have friends using essential oils UNsafely…
If you want to learn how to use essential oils SAFELY…

Then you will want to get your copy of my new book.

“I just read [your book] and very much enjoyed it! It is the first research I’ve ever done about EOs. I’ve always thought they were just a bunch hokum because they seem like the “trendy” thing to do. Your book sparked my interest in EOs and the misconceptions surrounding them. I have 3 kids so I want to make sure I’m continuing to research for their safety. Thank you so much!”
“Wow, that is a great culmination of all the research that I’ve done over the past couple of years all in one place. That is a nice book! Hopefully many will see it and use some educated sense when using their EOs.”
” am really enjoying this ebook… A LOT of info I’ve read but all in one download from a source I can actually trust. I’m thinking I will print it for future reference!”
“Thanks again! I stayed up and read the whole book! Love it! Easy to read and understand!”

This book was created for an ebook bundle sale, but I have had so many people ask for me to offer it for sale, that I have put it up here.

Here are some topics I cover in depth in my ebook:

▪ inhaling (how effective is it?)
▪ topical use (when?)
▪ ingestion (guidelines)
▪ diluting (guidelines and CHARTS)
▪ carriers (how to choose)
▪ hydrosols (VERY thorough how to use, what ones to use for what)
▪ shelf life (how to get the most of your EOs)
▪ blood thinning EOs (what they are, when to avoid)
▪ carcinogenic EOs (and the opposite!)
▪ convulsant EOs
▪ EOs to NEVER use internally OR externally
▪ the low-down on pregnancy and breastfeeding with EOs
▪ huge section on EOs and kids (which to use, which to avoid!)
▪ choosing a brand
▪ and more!

Lea Harris
Lea Harris
Certified Clinical Aromatherapist

Lea Harris is a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist Scholar's Program graduate from Aromahead Institute. Lea's website, is home to educational advice and information about using essential oils safely. Lea founded and runs the Using Essential Oils Safely facebook group, with hundreds of new members joining each week. Lea is the author of The TRUTH About Essential Oil Safety, The Hydrosols Quick Start Guide, creator of safe essential oil labels, the essential oil app, and the carriers app.


The TRUTH About Essential Oil Safety ebook
The TRUTH About Essential Oil Safety - Instant Download
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