Using Essential Oils Safely: BASICS (October)

from Beginner to Confident User | By Lea Harris Jacobson

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Become empowered as you journey from a beginner to a confident user of essential oils...

Understand how essential oils work for as little as ten minutes a day, and begin to use this information to make essential oils more effective.

Learn what essential oil to use, when to use it, how much, and how often...

The #1 complaint of essential oil users is that they don't know what essential oil they need for a given situation. This course will teach you which essential oils you need for what situation, and how to best use it.

Prevent overwhelm as you grow in knowledge, taught by a certified clinical aromatherapist.

Save yourself lost hours searching aimlessly on google and ending up with conflicting answers - go right to the expert. Know how to weed through all of the information out there about essential oils, and decide what sources you can trust.

Create safe and effective essential oil blends for the whole family.

 Lea Harris Jacobson, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, has created family safe blends with much success. Learn how she does it, one module and lesson at a time.

Access to the knowledge you need, without hefty certification costs.

Grow in your knowledge, as Lea teaches you from her own experience and education what individuals and businesses typically pay thousands for - at a fraction of the cost.

Start your essential oil journey on the right foot - no previous knowledge required!

Don't miss out!

We begin the course together on Monday, October 16, 2017.

What this course includes...
  • 6 Modules with 49 lessons taught by Certified Clinical Aromatherapist Lea Harris Jacobson - $499 value!
  • Downloadable PDF notes, charts, and printables - $129 value!
  • BONUS Blending module - $149 value
  • FREE membership to the exclusive VIP group FB with daily interaction with Lea and weekly live sessions - $1200+ value!
  • Certificate of Completion - priceless!
  • "Essential Oil Safety Advocate" title with passing score of optional final exam - priceless!
  • Lifetime Access - take as long as you need to and not get locked out!
  • Lifetime 25% off coupon - good on all future products (including courses!)

PLUS, you also get...

Total course value: $2182.92

regular $599

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WHAT THIS PROGRAM ISN'T This is not a certification course. Although you will get a certificate of completion, you won't be a certified aromatherapist. This course is about the basics, not about every essential-oil related topic under the sun. Up-coming courses will go deep into subjects only touched on in this one, such as pregnancy and children.

WHO THIS PROGRAM IS FOR This is for users who want to learn the basics about essential oils, so they can safely use them for themselves, their families, and their friends. This is also for people who want to become certified, but don't want the time and cost commitment.

WHY IS THIS COURSE SO AFFORDABLE? If you knew what I charge to consult, you may be wondering why the low price? It's easy: because I want this information accessible to everyone. There is way too much mis-information out there - in fact downright unsafe and scary info! You deserve to be empowered with knowledge to use essential oils safely.

WHY PAY WHEN YOU CAN LEARN THINGS FOR FREE? There is no shortcut. You can waste endless hours browsing google, and still end up confused with all the conflicting information. Ask me how I know! The only TRUE shortcut is knowing what to do and when to do it.

WILL I HAVE INSTANT ACCESS TO THE COURSE? Yes! You will have access as soon as you have registered. Modules will be released as follows: Oct 16 - Modules 1, 2, 3; Oct 23 - Modules 4, 5; Oct 30 - Module 6; Nov 6 - Module 7; and then the BONUS course on Blending. Links to the facebook groups, and the VIP perks will be shared in an email by Monday, October 16th.

WHAT IF I CAN'T KEEP UP? You can go at your own pace, as fast or slow as you'd like - you have lifetime access!

What students have said about learning with Lea...

I'm just starting out and am so excited. You have given me so much confidence. I'll be making my first blend soon. Oils are on order. Thank you for providing so much information in such a way that a newbie does not feel intimidated. - Deborah

You are helping a lot of people with your authentic, helpful nature. It makes it so much easier to learn because you are so genuine! I learn something every day! - Linda

Lea, you rock! I love all of the tips you gave to this group. We're so lucky to be in this group learning from you! - Jamie


Lea Harris Jacobson
Lea Harris Jacobson
Certified Clinical Aromatherapist
Lea Harris Jacobson is a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and founder of and the 100K+ member Facebook group, Using Essential Oils Safely. Lea teaches essential oil classes, issuing Essential Oil Safety Advocate certificates to graduates who qualify, opening enrollment just twice a year.

Lea is the author of The TRUTH About Essential Oil Safety, and the creator of Safe Essential Oil Labels, and apps for essential oils and carriers. You can find FREE classes here.

Lea is Professional level member of the Alliance of International Aromatherapists and received her herbalist certification through The Herbal Academy of New England.
Businesses, groups, and individuals can hire Lea to consult on safety, product formulation, and more on


WELCOME to the course!
You made it! You're here! [VIDEO]
Course Schedule
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OPTIONAL: Where are you BEFORE?
[LESSON 1] What are essential oils? [VIDEO]
[L1b] What essential oils are and what they are not [PRINTABLE]
[LESSON 2] What are essential oils created from? [VIDEO]
[L2b] What essential oils are created from [PRINTABLE]
[LESSON 3] How are essential oils created? [VIDEO]
[L3b] Methods of extraction and examples [PRINTABLE]
BONUS: Determining essential oil quality [PRINTABLE]
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[LESSON 1] What are constituents? [VIDEO]
[L1b] Constituents with caution [VIDEO]
[L1c] List of some main constituents with caution and why [PRINTABLE]
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[LESSON 1] What are chemical families? [VIDEO]
[L1b] Chemical Family Examples Master List [PRINTABLE]
[LESSON 2] Monoterpenes [VIDEO]
[LESSON 3] Sesquiterpenes [VIDEO]
[LESSON 4] Monoterpenols [VIDEO]
[LESSON 5] Sesquiterpenols [VIDEO]
[LESSON 6] Esters [VIDEO]
[LESSON 7] Phenols [VIDEO]
[LESSON 8] Aldehydes [VIDEO]
[LESSON 9] Ketones [VIDEO]
[LESSON 10] Oxides [VIDEO]
[LESSON 11] Ethers [VIDEO]
OPTIONAL: Where are you AFTER?
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[LESSON 1] What are notes? [VIDEO]
[L1b] Notes, and essential oil examples [PRINTABLE]
[LESSON 2] Notes and blending [VIDEO]
[L2b] Blending guidelines [PRINTABLE]
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[LESSON 1] Do essential oils expire? [VIDEO]
[L1b] Printable showing shelf life for Top 30 [PRINTABLE]
[LESSON 2] What shortens shelf life? [VIDEO]
[L2b] What shortens the shelf life of essential oils [PRINTABLE]
[LESSON 3] Essential oils to avoid if oxidized [VIDEO]
[L3b] Essential oils prone to oxidation [PRINTABLE]
[LESSON 4] How to tell if your essential oils are oxidized [VIDEO]
[L4b] How to tell if your essential oils are oxidized [PRINTABLE]
[LESSON 5] What to do with oxidized essential oils [VIDEO]
[L5b] Recipe ideas for oxidized essential oils [PRINTABLE]
[L5c] Recipe Resources [PRINTABLE]
[LESSON 6] How to store essential oils to make them last longer [VIDEO]
[L6b] How to store essential oils to make them last longer [PRINTABLE]
BONUS: Shelf life for essential oils owned and estimated expiration based on purchase date
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[LESSON 1] What is Inhalation? [VIDEO]
[LESSON 2] What are the different ways one can inhale? [VIDEO]
[L2b] Chart with different ways listed, along with resources [PRINTABLE]
[LESSON 3] In what situations is it best for me to inhale? [VIDEO]
[L3b] Situations when inhalation is ideal [PRINTABLE]
[LESSON 4] Incense Sticks [VIDEO]
[LESSON 5] Tea light/Candle Burners [VIDEO]
[LESSON 6] Pad diffusers [VIDEO]
[LESSON 7] Water based electronic diffusers [VIDEO]
[LESSON 8] Nebulizers [VIDEO]
[LESSON 10] Chart with diffuser options and notes on the above lessons [PRINTABLE]
[LESSON 11] Troubleshooting (?) your diffuser [VIDEO]
[LESSON 12] Personal inhalers [VIDEO]
[L12b] How many drops do I add to a personal inhaler? [VIDEO]
[L12c] How do I use a personal inhaler? [VIDEO]
[L12d] Personal Inhalers Summary [PRINTABLE]
[LESSON 13] Wearable diffusers (jewelry!) [VIDEO]
[L13b] Diffuser Jewelry Summary [PRINTABLE]
[LESSON 14] Can you over-do inhalation? [VIDEO]
[L14b] "How Long to Inhale" chart [PRINTABLE]
[LESSON 15] If you don't have a sense of smell, are EOs still effective?
[LESSON 16] When not to inhale [VIDEO]
[L16b] When not to inhale [PRINTABLE]
[LESSON 17] Vaping Sticks vs Personal Inhalers [VIDEO]
[L17b] Vaping Sticks vs. Inhalers [PRINTABLE]
BONUS: How to do a steam inhalation [PRINTABLE]
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[LESSON 1] When do I apply topically? [VIDEO]
[L1b] Situations Where Applying Topically is Ideal [PRINTABLE]
[LESSON 2] What do I apply? [TOP 10 BENEFITS LIST]
[L2b] What To Apply Topically [PRINTABLE]
[LESSON 3] How Much Do I Apply? (diluting) [VIDEO]
[L3b] Dilution Guidelines [PRINTABLE]
[LESSON 4] Carriers [VIDEO]
[L4b] What not to use [VIDEO]
[L4c] Types of carriers [VIDEO]
[L4d] Best carriers [VIDEO]
[L4e] Carriers Summary [PRINTABLE]
[LESSON 5] How often do I apply? [VIDEO]
[L5b] How often to apply [PRINTABLE]
[LESSON 6] Can you over-do topical use [VIDEO]
[L6b] Signs of Over Doing [PRINTABLE]
[BONUS] Using pre-diluted oils [VIDEO]
[BONUS] What about feet? [VIDEO]
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BONUS: Blending
[LESSON 1] Lea’s 6 step method to creating a blend[VIDEO]
[LESSON 2] Step 1: Determine what issue you're addressing or wanting to remedy [VIDEO]
[LESSON 3] Step 2: Find out which essential oils have therapeutic properties that benefit that issue [VIDEO]
[LESSON 4] Step 3: Check the safety [VIDEO]
[LESSON 5] Step 4: decide which method (inhale, diffuse) to use [VIDEO]
[LESSON 6] Step 5: Create the blend [VIDEO]
[LESSON 7] Step 6: Now use it! [VIDEO]
[LESSON 8] Steps 1-6 [PRINTABLE]
BONUS: Considerations for topical max dilutions
[BONUS] Special topical max dilution examples [PRINTABLE]
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Final Exam
Final Exam (optional)
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