Lea Jacobson

Essential Oil Profiles (ebook)

(ebook) Safety information, shelf life, body system benefits, therapeutic properties (and more) for the 60 most popular essential oils

Lea Jacobson

Therapeutic Properties of Essential Oils APP

Learn which essential oils have the therapeutic properties you're looking for when creating dilutions and blends

Lea Jacobson

Safe Essential Oil Labels (90)

Safe essential oil labels for the top 90 most popular essential oils. These labels can be applied on bottles 5ml and up. Now together as one set, at a discount!

Lea Jacobson

Hydrosols APP

A searchable mini course about hydrosols

Lea Jacobson

Carrier Profiles APP

If you want to use carrier oils to enhance therapeutic properties of essential oils, but struggle to know which ones to choose and use - this app is for you!

Lea Jacobson

Top 60 EO Profiles APP

If you are frustrated with the lack of accessible safety information and you struggle with remembering – or knowing in the first place – how to use essential oils safety with your family, then this is for you!