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Safety information, drug interactions, shelf life, therapeutic properties, body system benefits (and more) for the 60 most popular essential oils (PREORDER - ETA mid-July) | By Lea Jacobson



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You asked, I delivered - now a FULL COLOR SPIRAL BOUND print version of the popular ebook available now as a PREORDER .

"I got your book in the mail today!!!! I LOVE it!!!!! Great information and the format is perfect! I love the way you put the topic on the edge of the page in big letters - it so easy to find what I'm looking for! Great information - thanks Lea!!” - Mimi

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In addition to the safety information, drug interactions, shelf life, therapeutic properties, and body system benefits for the top 60 most popular essential oils, you also get BONUS sections (not available in the app) on the most asked-about topics:
  • children
  • diluting
  • carriers
  • pregnancy 
  • breastfeeding
  • dogs
  • cats 

Keep reading for samples and a detailed list of contents...

WHAT'S INSIDE these 200 pages...

After the Welcome and Safety First! messages, you get 120 pages of essential oil profiles. These profiles (as you can see from the Peppermint sample above) provide you with the following details:

  • Common name
  • Botanical name
  • Alternate name (if applicable)
  • Plant part used
  • Extraction method
  • Shelf life
  • Ages safe for
  • If safe for use during pregnancy
  • If safe for use during breastfeeding
  • If safe for using with dogs
  • If safe for using with cats
  • Topical max (if applicable) and why
  • Situations where it may not be safe to use (if applicable)
  • Drug interactions (if applicable)
  • Therapeutic properties
  • Body system benefits, and Home benefits (if applicable)

Following the profiles I provide a list of definitions for the therapeutic properties used in this book.

"I'm an essential oil newbie and this ebook made the overwhelming information manageable and easy to digest. I feel like you made this just for me 😍  The layout is easy to read and understand. The bonuses are phenomenal and helped me a lot."  - Julie

The BONUS sections

One of the appendixes is about Diluting essential oils. This appendix will teach you:

  • WHY you want to dilute
  • HOW MUCH to dilute
  • GENERAL guidelines
  • guidelines based on AGE GROUP
  • diluting by PERCENTAGE
  • diluting in ROLLER BOTTLES
  • MASTER chart
  • measurement EQUIVALENTS
  • EOs requiring EXTRA DILUTION

Then you will learn about Carriers

  • CONSIDERATIONS for carriers
  • WATER based carriers
  • Oils and BUTTERS
  • RECOMMENDED carriers (and why to use them!)

And the section on Children will teach you:

  • what age to begin DIFFUSING
  • what age to use TOPICALLY
  • a list of essential oils to AVOID
  • a list of essential oils SAFE to use

In the Pregnancy & Breastfeeding appendix you will learn:

  • USAGE considerations
  • toxicity DEFINITIONS
  • a list of essential oils to AVOID altogether
  • the PEPPERMINT debate
  • a list of essential oils SAFE to use

The Dogs section includes information on:

  • General safety TIPS
  • Essential oils to AVOID using with dogs
  • SELECTING which essential oils to use (Zoopharmacognosy)
  • Essential oils SAFE to use with dogs
  • When to use TOPICALLY
  • DILUTING with dogs
  • CARRIERS to use
  • Using Hydrosols with dogs
  • A note about TEA TREE and dogs

And, finally, the appendix on Cats will teach you:

  • RISKS of using essential oils with cats
  • Using HYDROSOLS instead
  • Essential oils especially toxic to cats

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"Wonderful book, Lea. You did a great job. This has everything everyone needs to know about essential oils. You were very thorough. I especially like that you have quite a few pages about essential oils and dogs and cats. Congratulations on this publication." - Debbie

"Love the book! It is very easy to use/read with just the right amount of info." Jackie

"I'm all about learning and education, so if you use essential oils for home, family, as a hobbyist or business, you NEED this ebook. It's simply amazing and I can't see myself making my own blends or helping my friends out without referencing this ebook first." DeShea, The Oily Amulet 

"It's a GREAT book." Dan, Certified Aromatherapist

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Note: the ebook is designed to be printed on 8.5x11" paper. This spiral bound full color book is 6x9" in size.

Lea Jacobson
Lea Jacobson
Certified Clinical Aromatherapist
Lea Jacobson is a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist Scholar's Program graduate from Aromahead Institute. Her website, Using Essential Oils Safely is home to educational advice and empowering information about using essential oils safely. The Using Essential Oils Safely facebook group founded and run by Lea and her team has over 140,000 members and hundreds of new members joining each week.

Author of her bestseller Essential Oil Profiles (available as a full color print book as well as an ebook) is based off the information in the popular Top 60 Essential Oils APP, the print version has sold out in days each time it's been offered. Other books by Lea: The TRUTH About Essential Oil Safety, and the Hydrosols Quick Start Guide.

She is the creator of Safe Essential Oil Labels, designed to wrap around any size or brand bottle, as well as apps for essential oils and carriers, and hydrosols.

You can find FREE classes here: Free Essential Oil Classes, and sign up for the Using Essential Oils Safely BASICS course Lea teaches where you can earn your "Essential Oil Safety Advocate" title.

Lea is Professional level member of the Alliance of International Aromatherapists and received her herbalist certification through The Herbal Academy of New England.

Businesses, groups, and individuals can hire Lea to consult on safety, product formulation, and more on her website Lea Jacobson CCA.


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