Certified Clinical Aromatherapist

Lea Jacobson

Lea Jacobson is a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and founder of UsingEOsSafely.com and the 150K+ member Facebook group, Using Essential Oils Safely. Lea teaches essential oil classes, issuing Essential Oil Safety Advocate certificates to graduates who qualify, opening enrollment just twice a year. Lea is the author of several books, apps, and safety labels - including best-selling Essential Oil Profiles. You can find FREE classes here. Lea is Professional level member of the Alliance of International Aromatherapists and received her herbalist certification through The Herbal Academy of New England. Businesses, groups, and individuals can hire Lea to speak at conferences or consult on safety, product formulation, and more on LeaJacobsonCCA.com

Course curriculum

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    WEEK 1: Before You Blend, Part 1 - What Are Essential Oils?

    • WEEK 1 PRETEST: take this quiz to see how much you know BEFORE you begin. P.S. you aren't supposed to know anything first - that is the point - be encouraged at how much you will learn this week!

    • What are essential oils?

    • What are essential oils created from?

    • How are essential oils created?

    • Determining essential oil quality

    • What are constituents?

    • Constituents with caution

    • What are notes?

    • Notes and blending

    • QUIZ YOURSELF: take this quiz to see how much you know AFTER your learning. P.S. you did much better this time, didn't you?

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