Using Essential Oils Safely: BASICS - January 2019 (MODULE 1)

from Beginner to Confident User | By Lea Jacobson

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Enroll in Module 1 by clicking on the button at the top of this page. Enrollment is $47 (or $77 for the VIP upgrade). Additional payments are $50 (or $80 for VIP). As soon as you decide to send the second payment of $50 (or $80), I will add the Module 2 course to your account. When I receive the third payment $80 (or $80), I will add Module 3 to your account. When I receive the final $50 (or $80) payment, I will add the Module 4 course to your account, along with the BONUS modules (info on link above). This comes to a total of $197 (or $317 for VIP). At this time I will add you to the Facebook group, and if you are VIP, I will give you a 100% off code so you can download the Digital Resource Library.

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Lea Jacobson
Lea Jacobson
Certified Clinical Aromatherapist
Lea Jacobson is a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist Scholar's Program graduate from Aromahead Institute. Her website, Using Essential Oils Safely is home to educational advice and empowering information about using essential oils safely. The Using Essential Oils Safely facebook group founded and run by Lea and her team has over 165,000 members and hundreds of new members joining each week.

Author of her bestseller Essential Oil Profiles (available as a full color print book as well as an ebook) is based off the information in the popular Top 60 Essential Oils APP, the print version has sold out in days each time it's been offered. Other books by Lea: The TRUTH About Essential Oil Safety, and the Hydrosols Quick Start Guide.

She is the creator of Safe Essential Oil Labels, designed to wrap around any size or brand bottle, as well as apps for essential oils and carriers, and hydrosols.

You can find FREE classes here: Free Essential Oil Classes, and sign up for the Using Essential Oils Safely BASICS course Lea teaches where you can earn your "Essential Oil Safety Advocate" title.

Lea is Professional level member of the Alliance of International Aromatherapists and received her herbalist certification through The Herbal Academy of New England.

Businesses, groups, and individuals can hire Lea to consult on safety, product formulation, and more on her website Lea Jacobson CCA.


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WEEK 1: Before You Blend, Part 1 - What Are Essential Oils?
WEEK 1 PRETEST: take this quiz to see how much you know BEFORE you begin. P.S. you aren't supposed to know anything first - that is the point - be encouraged at how much you will learn this week!
What are essential oils?
What are essential oils created from?
How are essential oils created?
Determining essential oil quality
What are constituents?
Constituents with caution
What are notes?
Notes and blending
QUIZ YOURSELF: take this quiz to see how much you know AFTER your learning. P.S. you did much better this time, didn't you?
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If you are ready to access Week 2...
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